Case study

The Washington Association for School Business (WASBO)

Innovating a new path for school business leaders

Discover how The Washington Association for School Business Officials (WASBO) leveraged Crowd Wisdom LMS to offer a superior learning experience to members across Washington state. WASBO exceeded their member participation goals, and saw a noticeable gain in association membership after implementing Crowd Wisdom LMS.

Download this free success story to find out how WASBO saw these incredible results:

  • Noticeable gain in association membership
  • Exceeded member participation goals in their learning program
  • Seamless integration resulting in reduced staff manual labor

About WASBO:
WASBO’s mission is to engage, develop, and serve successful leaders in school finance and operations. They hope to shape school finance and operations for the future and provide opportunities for their members to connect with resources and their peers, grow with access to professional development offerings, and lead with opportunities to collaborate, teach, and mentor.

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