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Crowd Wisdom, a part of the Community Brands® portfolio of products, is a learning management system (LMS) that provides technology and services that empower professional education programs for associations and corporations with more engaging, scalable, and profitable e-learning experiences.

A learner-centric approach.

Organizations seeking to deliver content as part of a professional education program or extended enterprise training have unique education technology requirements. The demands of delivering continuing education, professional education, and channel or reseller training require the programs to engage learners, taking a more proactive approach in interactions with learners than corporate internal training.

Crowd Wisdom helps you provide a compelling learning experience that is branded and integrated with an overall web presence, driving users to the site and keeping them there with compelling content.

Built to serve a global audience.

Crowd Wisdom is a cloud-based (SaaS) learning management platform dedicated to professional education for associations and corporations. Designed to serve the rigor and demands of a global audience, the platform is built on a highly scalable, redundant infrastructure that delivers to a distributed learning audience currently visiting from more than 172 different countries.

Clients with international audiences are well supported with a global cloud infrastructure, covering major regions of the world; in addition, Crowd Wisdom is currently translated in 18 different languages. When learners visit Crowd Wisdom, they can access it with their chosen devices, as the platform is constantly updated to support major browsers, devices, and operating systems.

Our technology philosophy.

From the start, Crowd Wisdom was designed to deliver a more effective and engaging learning experience for working professionals seeking content and information to further their career skills and knowledge. Our approach is to provide a “lifecycle” platform that the member or credential holder can visit throughout their experience with an association or a channel program, at each point receiving personalized learning material.

Let us help you grow your association.

Support your learning strategy across all devices and platforms, deliver to a global audience, and empower your organization to be the key continuing education resource for your industry with Crowd Wisdom.