Association Learning Management System

The best LMS for associations offering advanced continuing education programs.

Crowd Wisdom grows and retains association membership through immersive learning experiences

Our cloud-based learning system is designed for associations that are looking for a platform that will scale with their education programs, and their members. Combining on-demand learning programs with virtual ILT courses has never been easier with Crowd Wisdom. Discover our robust and customizable features that deliver captivating content to your learners, and powerful analytics to your association.

Crowd Wisdom for Associations

Delivering innovative online learning experience to your members.

Streamlined Course Management

Minimize redundancies and remove costly errors, starting from digital content creation through credit tracking with a fully integrated LMS. Continuously add and adapt your continuing education strategy with ease in our dynamic learning solution. Build up and break down courses to fit the needs of your learners in Crowd Wisdom.

Member Learning Experience

Improved Member Learning

Design impactful learning experiences for a variety of members by offering content that fits their needs. Convert in-person courses to hybrid learning or fully virtual programs. From comprehensive certification programs, to standalone micro-learning modules, Crowd Wisdom delivers the best online CE courses for your members.

Targeted Course Promotion

Member Targeted Course Promotion

Create a simple course shopping and checkout experience with a sleek and easily navigable storefront that fits into your other systems, like your AMS and member website. Ensure that each member sees the content that is most relevant to them with our course recommendation and preference logic.

Take online learning to the next level.

Deliver high-quality, engaging online education content for association members or channel partners, through a variety of formats.

Customizable Learner Interface 

Personalize member learning and create a unified experience matching Crowd Wisdom’s interface to your website. Create a familiar and simplistic dashboard design to present learners with the perfect course for them. 

Assessment & Testing  Engine

Simulate self-prep and conduct real-time testing with Crowd Wisdom’s powerful testing capabilities. The assessment engine is equipped with rich features, such as dozens of question types to mock certification and licensure tests for any association.

Certification and Credit Tracking

Issue and track CE credits, certifications, and competency-based certificates. Centralize how your learners manage their educational life cycle by easily uploading third party credits. Grant, manage, and expire learner certificates for any e-learning standard.

Interactive Video Playback

Convert your current videos, recordings and speaker presentations into dynamic learning content. Embed test questions throughout your course video, track time watched, provide polling, issue interactive handouts, and facilitate online discussions among learners and instructors.

Personalized Learning Paths

Organize and focus your member’s learning experience with a personalized learning path. Crowd Wisdom helps set objectives and competencies towards a certification, and helps you manage your learner’s educational lifecycle. 

SSO & eCommerce Integration 

Seamlessly integrate your AMS, ecommerce, and CRM systems for a unified learner experience. From single sign-on to managing purchases and content management, Crowd Wisdom integrates with multiple providers and supports your authentication preferences.

Crowd Wisdom LMS Screenshot

Gain New Members and Drive Non-Dues Revenue

Building and partnering with industry-leading associations.

Crowd Wisdom’s tailored and unique learning management software was created to help associations scale their online learning programs to meet the needs of their members. We serve associations such as:

  • Healthcare Associations
  • Legal and Bar Associations
  • Engineering and Manufacturing Associations
  • Retailer Associations
  • Finance and Accounting Associations
  • Marketing and PR Associations

What our current clients are saying about us

“Crowd Wisdom is the lifeblood of our education programs. Without it, we would not have been able to pivot our programs so quickly when we need to the most. It’s enabled us to create new products that our members have been waiting for!”

— Jake Gold, Director of Member Education of Community Association Institute (CAI)

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