The next generation of online learning.

Leverage the latest technology for your professional education and development program.

The Crowd Wisdom difference

A richer and more powerful educational experience.

Crowd Wisdom is more extensive than a typical learning management system (LMS). It enables you to empower professional development and improve the online experience for your association’s learners.

Provide a rich learning experience, personalized to learners’ needs

Delight your learners with a highly flexible and intuitive system that personalizes their experience.

Deliver content to a global audience, across all devices and platforms

Manage high user capacity, any time of day, in more than 170 languages, all around the world.

Encourage learners to find and exchange knowledge

Track CEUs, present career paths, and deliver professional development courses — all on one platform.

Empower career growth with the right material for every learner

Maximize your revenue by offering credentialing and certification programs in a variety of formats.

Provide top-quality online learning.

Crowd Wisdom is a web-based learning platform that powers professional learning, continuing education programs, and channel training. It catalogs, presents, and delivers any form of learning.

The platform targets relevant education content to the learner based on their respective profile, interests, and previous history. This helps the working professional to quickly and effectively find the knowledge they need to remain competitive in their field of work, whether it’s for continuing education, earning/maintaining credentials, or progressing in a career plan.

Benefits of leveraging a continuing education and third-party training system


Standardize training delivery


Improve and modernize the learner experience


Improve course completion and learner competency


Gain mindshare as an industry thought leader


Grow and retain organizational partners


Increase revenue driven through learning content

Manage your professional education program in one powerful system.

Crowd Wisdom leverages the latest education strategies and learning technology to meet member needs.

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