How to Separate your Continuing-Education Program from the Competition

Propelling your continuing education program tp stand out from the competition in the learning industry is vital to recruit new learners, boost learner retention, increase your non-dues revenue, and ultimately grow a successful program. In a saturated market, it can be challenging to find unique methods that make your learning program to shine above the rest – until now.  

We sat down with CE program expert Phil Vervaet, VP of Learner Engagement at Crowd Wisdom LMS who shared five unique tips to make your CE program the most competitive it can be.  

Tips to separate your continuing education program from the competition

Are you ready to take your CE program to the next level? Follow these strategies to get started: 

1.  Build a marketplace.

To improve CE course sales and drive non-dues revenue, consider creating a marketplace to highlight your learning program. Using a modern e-commerce marketplace makes it easy for members to purchase their next CE course. Consider offering your CE courses to individuals who aren’t members to drive more course sales. Incentivize non-members to become members by offering lower prices on the course catalog for members vs non-members.
Further expand your CE program audience reach by indexing your course catalog on search engines. Indexing ensures all main search engines recognize your CE brand and helps you attract your target audience when individuals search for CE courses. This strategy can be extremely valuable in terms of recruiting new learners, increasing CE sales, and driving non-dues revenue.  

TECH TIP: With Crowd Wisdom, create your own continuing education marketplace to drive non-dues revenue and improve CE course sales

2. Leverage modern learning management software.

Use a
learning management software (LMS) that offers advanced e-commerce solutions to drive revenue like offering a discount on purchasing a group of CE courses. Try creating a landing page for your group of CE courses to make it easy on your learners and to increase CE course sales With a modern LMS, you’ll be able to brand the CE course page based on your learning program and get valuable insights on learner behavior.

Look for an LMS that offers tiered administration so administrators can have different roles managing learners in your software. Role management is a vital way your staff can streamline processes in your continuing education program.  

TECH TIP: Drive non-dues revenue with Crowd Wisdom, by configuring CE course landing pages that support your organization’s branding and offer valuable analytics. Crowd Wisdom offers tiered administration so employees can have different roles in managing learners like an Institution admin and Manager.  

3. Integrate your software.

Offer a seamless integration between your LMS and association management software (AMS). When you
integrate your LMS and AMS, it syncs your data, offering an easy and complete experience for your learners. Integration also increases the ease of access for your staff because all member data remains in one location.

When you sync your data, the AMS will send course purchase info into your LMS so your learners can automatically login to launch a program. Additionally, your LMS can tell your AMS when a learner has completed a course.   

TECH TIP: Integrate the powerful Crowd Wisdom LMS with Nimble AMS to maximize your member engagement, streamline your staff process, and boost your ROI.

4. Provide self-assessment testing.

Leverage an LMS that offers
self-assessment testing where learners can create their own tests or choose topics on which they want to be tested. A modern LMS will offer learner feedback based on test scores, sharing areas in which a learner is proficient, and areas in which a learner needs to improve. The technology will also recommend courses a learner can take to improve. Adopting customizable LMS technology will boost the learner’s experience, increase knowledge retention, and improve overall learner success. 

TECH TIP: Trust in the Crowd Wisdom award-winning Himalaya Testing Engine to improve the learner experience and boost knowledge retention. The web-based testing engine enables customizable practice tests and proctored exams to help your learners understand how they need to grow, contributing to a boost in success.

5. Offer learning paths.

The more you personalize the learner experience for everyone, the more successful you’ll be in attracting and retaining learners. Consider offering learning paths where you can create certification programs that contain groups of courses that your learners need to meet their CE credit requirements. You can also try offering elective course models within your learning paths. For example, provide three course hours that are required to meet the CE credit requirements, but allow learners to choose from seven courses that are customizable.  

TECH TIP: Separate your CE program from the competition by allowing learners to personalize their CE courses with Crowd Wisdom Learning Paths. Offer recommendations and relevant content to keep learners engaged and empower career growth.  

Discover more tips to improve your continuing education program 

Looking for more on how to separate your continuing education program from the competition? Connect with our Crowd Wisdom team for a custom assessment of your learning program and learn how you can stand out from the rest.   

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