Strategies to engage Gen Z with your continuing education program

Does your organization want to reach more Gen Z learners in 2024? To engage Generation Z with your continuing education program, you’ll first need to better understand the generation.  

Read our blog for helpful insights into Gen Z learners, discover what makes the generation unique, and learn how to increase engagement with this important group.   

Meet Gen Z

Generation Z are individuals born between 1997 and 2012. Gen Z has always known a digital environment of the internet, computers, and now smartphones.  
According to Statista, there are 68.6 million Generation Z Americans. Gen Z is historically the most racially and ethnically diverse generation. And by 2030, Generation Z will contribute to over 20% of the workforce.  
Pew Research found that Gen Z is on track to be the most well-educated generation. Gen Z is less likely to drop out of high school and more likely to enroll in college and learning programs. This statistic points to huge opportunity for continuing education programs to attract and engage Generation Z learners.

4 tips to engage with more Gen Z learners

To engage more Gen Z learners in your continuing education program, you’ll want to cater to the generation’s preferences. But what does Gen Z look for in a learning program?

Here are four factors to consider:

1. Mobile accessibility.

98% of Gen Z own a smartphone and 55% use their phone for more than five hours a day, making mobile accessibility a must for these learners.

Is your continuing education program mobile-responsive? Reach more Gen Z learners by leveraging learning management software (LMS) that is accessible from any device. With a mobile-responsive LMS, all learners can launch a course from anywhere and from any device, making learning convenient and boosting engagement. 

TECH TIP: Choose Crowd Wisdom LMS to reach more Gen Z learners with our multi-device support. Crowd Wisdom is compatible with modern browsers and devices, accommodating learners with disabilities and meeting Section 508 compliance.

2. Personalized experiences.

Gen Z loves personalization. Adobe found that 64% of Generation Z consumers believe that brands should offer a personalized experience.  
Your continuing education program should also strive to offer personalized learning experiences. How? Try leveraging an LMS that offers personalized learning paths to optimize and focus your learner’s educational journey. Personalized learning paths ensure your program is accessible to all learning styles, allowing Gen Z to take courses at their preferred pace. 
Additionally, look for an LMS platform that offers customizable self-assessment tools. With advanced testing options, learners can study smarter, not harder, personalizing how they prepare for a certification or licensure test.

TECH TIP: Crowd Wisdom LMS offers a personalized learning experience for all your learners. With personalized learning paths, you can manage your learner’s educational life cycle by setting competencies towards a certification. The Crowd Wisdom test engine is equipped with rich features to help Gen Z learners personalize their study process.

3. Online social community.

Gen Z is heavily connected on social media platforms including TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. Offering a virtual network where Gen Z can connect as they learn is a vital strategy to boost engagement.  
Leverage your LMS to transform continuing education into a social learning experience. Your LMS should offer Q&A sessions, discussion forums, and more. With the right LMS you can easily build an online learning community to engage more Gen Z learners.  

TECH TIP: Crowd Wisdom makes it easy to attract and engage Generation Z with our social learning community. With Crowd Wisdom you can facilitate expert Q&A sessions, encourage course-specific conversations, and offer forums for special discussions.

4. Innovative technology.

Gen Z is accustomed to using the latest technology in their daily lives. The generation will expect a modern experience when registering for learning courses, attending virtual events, and engaging with your continuing education program.

To appeal to more Gen Z learners, you’ll want to leverage a robust LMS that makes it easy to create engaging courses with multimedia content including videos, interactive elements, and more. Try offering a variety of content like live webinars, on-demand courses, micro-learning opportunities, and more to boost learner engagement and reach a wider audience.

TECH TIP: Use Crowd Wisdom’s video playback engine to diversify your learning content and appeal to Generation Z. Crowd Wisdom makes it easy for staff to embed test questions throughout a course video, provide interactive transcripts, facilitate online discussions, and more.

Learn more

Generation Z is the future. Reach more Gen Z learners in 2024 by following the tips in this blog. And discover how Crowd Wisdom can help you boost engagement with Generation Z. Connect with our team today to learn more!


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