Are you looking for strategies to reach more learners and boost revenue for your continuing education (CE) program? You might consider offering cohort courses.

Providing cohort learning opportunities is a smart method to make virtual education more engaging. In cohort-based learning, your CE learners will work together to complete the course curriculum in a combined part live, part virtual setting. Cohort-based learning shows high learner satisfaction ratings. A University of Toronto study found that learners in cohort courses are happier and more likely to complete the curriculum. When you have happy learners completing courses, they’re more likely to return to your CE program in the future.  

To offer cohort-learning at your CE program, you’ll need to leverage a robust learning management system to offer live webinars, build online curriculum courses, offer assessments, track assignments, and more. Read on to discover three ways Crowd Wisdom LMS can help you create cohort courses and empower your CE program to attract more learners and drive revenue.

3 tips to create cohort-based courses with Crowd Wisdom  

Your CE program can drive revenue by selling cohort courses to your learners. Here are three strategies to streamline the process of creating cohort learning opportunities:   

1. Cohort course registration

With Crowd Wisdom, your CE learners can easily enroll in cohort-based courses. On the cohort learning landing page, you can provide crucial background information about specific courses like learning objectives, class overview, and facilitator information. On the landing page staff can include PDF handouts to increase accessibility. Instructors can also assign pre-class work to prepare learners for the start of the course.  

 If your instructor wishes to limit the size of their cohort-based class, your staff can cap enrollment to limit virtual classroom size.     Leverage Crowd Wisdom’s waiting list feature, so if one CE learner drops a course, learners on the waiting list can easily register. This waiting list feature streamlines CE cohort-based registration. 

TECH TIP: Make it easy for your learners to stay up to date on their upcoming cohort-based learning sessions. Leverage the Crowd Wisdom calendar feature to ensure your CE learners track their upcoming classes. 

2. Cohort-based course management  

To streamline cohort-based course management, instructors can easily track and review attendance, class assignments, and start new class discussions. Both learners and instructors can subscribe to a post feed to get real-time updates and ensure they don’t miss the latest part of the conversation. 

For assignments, instructors can create a grading scale (for example, between 1-10) and easily sort completed assignments into the scale based on completed the work

TECH TIP: For webinar purposes, Crowd Wisdom seamlessly integrates with Freestone, Zoom, GoTo Meeting, GoTo Webinar, and ON24. Crowd Wisdom tracks and syncs attendee data, so CE staff and learners know if they’ve met course requirements. 

3. Cohort course evaluations

Complete your cohort-based learning experience with an evaluation and receive vital feedback for your CE program. Have instructors send learners mid or end-of-course evaluations and retain all data in Crowd Wisdom. Staff can easily sort through feedback and offer helpful insights to instructors. 

TECH TIP: For those in your CE program who like to learn on the go, Crowd Wisdom is mobile-friendly. Everything is built to be mobile responsive so learners can engage in their courses whenever and wherever they want. 


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