How integrations with your membership software can improve your associations member experience

Connecting your learning management system with your association’s other membership software provides a continuing education experience that offers value to members through their entire careers. Here’s how.

As your members move through their careers, their needs and expectations change. In addition to using strategies to support their career journey, it’s important to have the right technology in place for a modern continuing education experience that also fits into a connected overall member experience.

85 percent of members look to associations for professional development opportunities.

Here’s why: Members choose their association as the “go-to” source for training and education. According to the 2018 Member Education and Career Development Report, 85 percent of members look to associations for professional development opportunities.

At the same time, virtual learning experiences are becoming more popular because members want convenient digital experiences that fit into their busy, mobile-enabled lives. Your learning management system (LMS) is a key component of delivering a modern digital learning experience.

To get the most value out of your LMS, and to deliver a connected member experience, your LMS should integrate with your other membership software systems – including your association management software (AMS), your career center, and your event systems.

Delivering a connected learning experience for your members

Here are eight ways connecting your LMS with your other systems can provide an unbeatable continuing education experience that offers value to members through their careers while delivering a great overall member experience:

1. Connecting your career center and your LMS:

Member acquisition: Non-members visiting your job board receive recommendations for courses and continuing education tied directly to your association learning offerings, providing additional opportunity for new learner and member acquisition.

Intelligent course recommendations: Your job board visitors see relevant jobs and popular, relevant, or recommended courses offered by your association that will help them become qualified for those jobs.

Intelligent job recommendations: Employers who pay to market their jobs to members through your job board have their jobs hyper-targeted to learners who have earned particular credentials through your association and qualifies them for these employers’ jobs in real time.

Members and non-members browsing your LMS course menu are presented with actual and relevant job opportunities they would be qualified for if they took suggested courses or learning paths through your organization.

Upon exiting courses or receiving certifications, learners are presented with job opportunities they are now qualified for as a result of their new competencies or credentials.

Connecting your events systems and your LMS:

Attendance tracking: Track session attendance at in-person events and immediately record attendance on each learner’s dashboard. Also, award education credit based on attendance, and track course history across virtual and in-person events.

Seamless session recording delivery: Easily deliver recordings to attendees who registered for in-person events by deploying session recording access to all attendees through automatic LMS updates.

Connecting your AMS and your LMS:

Synced profiles: Learners seamlessly navigate from your website to your e-learning catalog to your member page. Any updates to user data automatically sync across your AMS and LMS.

E-commerce integration: Create a shopping experience through e-commerce integration that allows members to purchase your association’s store products and learning products from either your e-commerce store or LMS storefront. A full view of your members’ purchase history lives in your AMS.

Progress tracking: Automatically track learner progress through quizzes, assessments, checkpoints, attendance, scores, and completions along with credits earned. The data is shared through both systems, providing members more insight into their learning path through their AMS member profile.

With the right technology solutions, you can deliver these types of connected experiences for your members. Community Brands offers AMS, LMS, career center, and event solutions that are part of an integrated software suite for associations. That means they work better together to help you support the complete member journey.

Find out more about how to deliver a great member experience from recruitment to renewal for students to retirees – and everything in between: Download Supporting the Lifetime Member Journey, today!

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