Five Tips to Elevate your Learning Program with Learning Paths

Show your members you care about their continuing education by investing in modern learning management software that includes learning paths. An LMS that offers solutions to personalize your learner’s education and allows your staff to group courses into certificate programs, topic clusters, and more increases learner loyalty, non-dues-revenue, and ultimately boosts your learning program success.

Read on for helpful tips on how to leverage learning paths to elevate your learning program.

What are the benefits of leveraging learning paths for your association? 

To improve your learning program, attract more learners, and drive revenue, you’ll need innovative LMS technology. Here’s why you’ll want to leverage an LMS with a learning paths functionality: 

       1.Provide diverse courses.

Learning paths are the perfect tool to help staff manage certificate programs or a curriculum of courses. Based on your program’s need or learners’ interests, you can offer micro-credentials, pre-requisite courses, optional learning classes and more, giving the learner more options for to find programs that work for them, and you the ability to group courses in a way that meet your credit requirements.  

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        2. Increase flexibility

Learning paths empower learners to pick courses based on their developmental need or desire. Additionally, staff can offer elective learning options where learners can select a course from a pre-approved list of credits to fulfill their track.  

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     3. Personalize the learning experience.

Support your learners’ development with learning paths and customize the entire learning experience. With this tool, you can offer personalized content to your learners and guide their educational journeys as they select their next course. 

TECH TIP: Empower learners to personalize their educational journey with Crowd Wisdom Personalized Learning Paths. Staff can offer recommendations and relevant content to keep learners engaged and empower their career growth.   

     4. Boost learner motivation.

When you leverage learning paths, learners can easily track their progress as they complete courses throughout a learning track. Quickly observing course progress can keep a learner motivated to complete their certification or micro-credentials.  

TECH TIP: With Crowd Wisdom’s award-winning Himalaya Testing Engine, you can improve the learner experience with innovative technology. The web-based testing engine offers customizable practice tests and proctored exams to help your learners understand how they need to grow in a specific learning path, contributing to their overall success. Offer a pre-test and mid-course assessment with peer comparisons, so learners can see how they rank against their classmates, inspiring them to work harder. 

       5. Offer a holistic approach to learning

. Rather than offering your members a collection of unrelated courses, you provide true value to the learning experience with learning paths. They allow you to paint a full picture of a subject area and ensure learners make key connections and develop necessary competencies.

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