Boost partner productivity and revenue through a great onboarding experience

Is your organization focused on educating, training, and certifying partners to be proficient in the products and programs you provide? This can prove to be a balancing act: You need your organization’s messaging to be accurate and consistent through the extended enterprise. At the same time, it can be easy to overwhelm new channel partners with too much information that is not relevant to their role or focus.

The power of onboarding technology
According to Forrester research, moving new channel partners efficiently from recruitment to productivity relies on automated and scalable onboarding technology. The Forrester research report, “Now Tech: Channel Onboarding, Q4 2019,” explains that “Channel onboarding is an extension of learning management system (LMS) functionality and aims to personalize education and training by partner type, user role, region, tier, or domain.” The report goes on to look at the top 30 technologies for channel onboarding, including Crowd Wisdom by Community Brands.

Five steps for improving your organization’s partner onboarding strategy using a modern LMS
Onboarding new partners requires efficient, personalized learning in the fewest clicks possible. Here are five steps to improve your onboarding strategy using a modern LMS:

  1. Establish prerequisites in learning plans to streamline the partner path to productivity.
  2. Develop paths for your learners, especially if there are areas of your business that need to grow. Within the paths, establish rules that a person can/cannot apply a certain prerequisite to other courses, depending on if it helps them advance in the way you want them to grow, so you can develop specialists for certain business areas.
  3. Create customized quizzes that promote self-assessment and prepare learners for certification and licensure testing.
  4. Reduce manual processes for your training staff by setting up automated workflows to award credits and certifications once prerequisites are met.
  5. Keep an eye on your partners’ learning progress using dashboards in your LMS that visually summarize key learning activity and performance.

Taking your partner onboarding to the next level
Crowd Wisdom by Community Brands provides an award-winning, scalable platform for a powerful online learning experience. It was rated best in corporate extended enterprise learning programs by Talented Learning.

Using Crowd Wisdom, your organization can deliver personalized learning experiences to your channel partners and other third-party learners. Assess what learners need to know and guide them to the content that will make them successful. Test and certify their knowledge, and even leverage APIs to deliver contextual learning outside the LMS, wherever learners need it.

Learn more about how a modern LMS can take your partner onboarding to the next level: Explore Crowd Wisdom.

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