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How to unlock your learning program’s true potential

If you want to prepare your continuing education program for success, you might consider allowing learners to re-enroll in a course already completed. You can also try extending learning subscriptions. Choosing these options can help your program raise revenue and stay ahead of your competition.  

If you leverage Crowd Wisdom LMS, you can offer course re-enrollments and subscription extensions without adding work for your staff. Here’s how:

1. Add auto extensions

Has this ever happened in your continuing education program? A learner has reached a course deadline, still needs to take the course, and is requesting an extension.  
Rather than requiring a learner to call customer services for the course extension and adding more work for your staff, Crowd Wisdom LMS streamlines the process. Use Crowd Wisdom to offer extensions in your course catalog with easy to set course rules. This option empowers your learners to take control of their professional education, and it reduces employee manual labor.

2. Offer re-enrollment options 

If you are like most continuing education programs, your learners need to maintain certifications. Make it simple for learners to take charge of their certifications. Crowd Wisdom LMS allows learners to re-enroll in the same learning course, discontinuing course duplication and ensuring learners find and take the course they really need.  
The Crowd Wisdom My Learning Tab makes it easy for learners to view their course re-enrollments, helping them stay on track with their education.

3. Re-work your subscriptions

To stay ahead of competition, it might be time to re-consider your learning subscriptions. Maybe it’s time to offer a promotional period with 25% off your learning subscriptions. Offering a discount can ultimately drive revenue as it encourages more learners to sign up.  
Crowd Wisdom LMS makes it easy to manage learning subscriptions, helping you get creative with subscription lengths. Maybe some learners need to complete a certification program, so they want 12 months of courses. But other learners might want to first try out your content before committing to a longer subscription. In this case, try offering a 3-month subscription to appeal to more learners

4. Raise revenue

Are you ready to drive revenue in the New Year? Consider adding expiration dates to courses within your certification programs. Adding an expiration date ensures that your learners will need to re-enroll in the course when it’s time for re-certification. Re-enrollment in the same courses is ultimately easier for your learners and it will drive revenue for your learning program. 
You can easily set course expiration dates while leveraging Crowd Wisdom LMS. With the Crowd Wisdom catalog, you can organize your courses and make it easy for learners to re-purchase content.

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