How to Elevate your CE Program by Integrating Crowd Wisdom LMS with Nimble AMS

Are you looking for strategies to take your continuing education (CE) program from good to great?  

By using a robust learning management software (LMS) like Crowd Wisdom, your CE program already has a competitive advantage. However, you can create an even better learning experience when you invest in a modern association management software (AMS) like Nimble AMS.  

Read on for tips to utilize the powerful combination of Crowd Wisdom LMS and Nimble AMS, and help  your CE program attract more learners and drive non-dues revenue.

3 ways Crowd Wisdom LMS + Nimble AMS advances your CE program

Consider adopting innovative technology like Nimble AMS to enhance your member/learner experience and drive non-dues revenue. A modern AMS can elevate your CE program by delivering a personalized and enriched learner experience.  

Another bonus is that Nimble AMS and Crowd Wisdom integrate seamlessly, thus eliminating data silos and simplifying tasks for your staff.  

Here are three ways that your CE program can leverage the powerful combination of Crowd Wisdom and Nimble AMS to create a superior learning experience:

1. Boost non-dues revenue. When you choose to integrate Crowd Wisdom with Nimble AMS, you can advance your organization’s e-commerce experience. Integrated e-commerce creates a seamless shopping experience and makes it easier for learners to purchase CE courses and learning resources.

With seamless e-commerce between your LMS and AMS, you make it simple for learners to shop and complete more purchases in a single transaction. A smooth, user-friendly buying experience is crucial in helping your organization drive non-dues revenue.

TECH TIP: Integrate Crowd Wisdom LMS with Nimble AMS to significantly improve the learner experience. Drive non-dues revenue with a seamless e-commerce experience—learners can log into the Nimble AMS Community Hub online store to easily purchase a CE course, learning content, or other association products.


2. Streamline operations. By integrating Crowd Wisdom and Nimble AMS, you can boost organizational efficiency. Crowd Wisdom + Nimble AMS work together to reduce data redundancies.

Here are a few examples:

  • Unified user management. Maintain shared user login credentials, ensuring learners can navigate from your website to your CE program catalog seamlessly, without having to log in multiple times.
  • Seamless course synchronization. When you change a CE course in Nimble AMS, it updates automatically within Crowd Wisdom, eliminating the need for duplicated data entry.
  • Reduce staff work. With the Crowd Wisdom + Nimble AMS integration, you can eliminate repetitive or manual employee tasks, ensuring that experience is user-friendly for your staff.

TECH TIP: The Crowd Wisdom and Nimble AMS integration makes it easy to reduce staff work and streamline organizational operations. Eliminate data silos and improve the staff user experience with Crowd Wisdom + Nimble AMS’ catalog sync and order and enrollment integration.


3. Maximize learner satisfaction. You can drive CE program success by further personalizing learning wit this powerful integration. Because each learner is unique, your CE program should customize learning. The Crowd Wisdom + Nimble AMS integration makes this easy with relevant CE content delivery and personalized learning paths.

Further enrich the learner experience with progress tracking and self-assessment tools so your learners can gain greater insight into their learning journeys. This data can also help your organization refine its CE program to help attract more learners. When your learners are happy, they engage more, which ultimately leads to to increased CE program success. 

TECH TIP: Elevate your CE program by personalizing learning with Crowd Wisdom LMS + Nimble AMS. Offer single sign-on to allow learners to easily navigate from your organization’s website to your CE program catalog, enhancing the learner experience. And offer badging and certification tracking to boost learner engagement and customize the learning experience.   


Learn more about the powerful integration of Crowd Wisdom LMS + Nimble AMS 

Looking for even more tips to leverage Crowd Wisdom + Nimble AMS? Read our free E-book for more strategies: Six Tips to Create a Seamless Experience for your Learning Program.  

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