How to Harness the Power of Learning Paths for your CE Program

Your learners are busy professionals looking for convenient and appealing ways to take continuing education (CE) courses. How can you meet your learners’ needs and improve the quality of your course content? Leverage learning paths in your CE program.  

Read on to discover how learning paths can empower your learners and find tips to utilize learning paths in your CE program. 

What are learning paths? 

Learning paths are linked course modules and resources for your learners based on CE preference, certification program, or learning interest. Unlike traditional online education courses that follow a linear path from lesson to lesson, learning paths make connections between CE content to boost learner retention and comprehension.

Learning paths are particularly useful in helping learners determine which course they need to complete next. To develop a successful CE content strategy, you’ll want to consider learning paths because they boost learner flexibility and engagement.

What are the benefits of learning paths? 

Now that you know what learning paths are, you might be wondering how the feature can benefit your CE program. There are many benefits of leveraging learning paths, but here are the top three: 

  1. Flexible learning. Learning paths can empower your learners to customize their educational journey with a comprehensive curriculum of courses that branch out into multiple, related topics and disciplines.
  2. Personalized options. Learning paths make it easy to tailor CE courses to a learner’s preferences and needs, serving up content to enhance an individual learning journey.
  3. Streamlined efficiency. CE staff can leverage learning paths to group course content based on topics, learner roles, certification programs, and more. Learning paths make it easy to empower your staff to effectively create and manage CE courses.

TECH TIP: With Crowd Wisdom Personalized Learning Paths, you can empower learners to customize their educational journeys. Crowd Wisdom LMS makes it easy to offer recommendations and deliver relevant content to boost learner engagement and foster career growth. 


3 tips to leverage learning paths in your CE program 

Learning paths can quickly become a top benefit in your CE program. Here’s how to start leveraging learning paths:  

1. Set up your learning paths
CE staff can group course content based on topic, learner roles, certification programs, and more. As you create your paths, you can make certain courses recommended or required so learners will need to complete a course to finish the learning path.

Learning paths can help learners easily determine their progress in a program and understand the requirements to finish a certification. Staff can also block off tracks within a learning path to enforce a sequence, so learners don’t jump ahead prematurely to a learning capstone.

TECH TIP: Crowd Wisdom makes it easy to build learning paths, create a learning sequence, offer learning electives, and block off higher-level tracks within a learning path. Your staff can configure Crowd Wisdom Learning Paths to meet your CE program’s needs.

2. Create pre-tests and post-tests
Boost learner engagement within your learning paths by adding assessments. Create a required pre-test to evaluate what your learners know about a subject before they begin a learning path.
At the end of the path, build a required post-test to determine how your learners have grown. Learners can compare and contrast the results from their pre-test and post-test to see their growth during a course and determine any areas where they should boost focus.

TECH TIP: Crowd Wisdom features a robust testing engine to ensure your learners get the most out of your CE program. Offer customizable practice tests and proctored exams to measure learner comprehension and growth during a course.

3. Add interactive features and offer certificates
Boost learner engagement by adding engaging features to your learning paths. In a learning module, try incorporating videos, SCORM courses, or assessments.

Breaking up your modules with interactive activities will keep your learner on track to finish a program. Offer badges, micro-credentials, and certificates to further encourage learner participation and reward your learners.

TECH TIP: Crowd Wisdom offers learning badges and certificates to gamify learning and boost engagement. Your learners can earn badges and certificates when they complete a learning path track. Consider offering a micro-credentialing certificate when learners complete a certain competency. All certificates and badges can be added to a learner’s LinkedIn profile to boost awareness about your CE program and a learner’s skills.

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