Skyrocket your association’s revenue through your member education program in 2020

Here are three ways to boost your revenue through your continuing education program in the new year.

Your members look to you for learning opportunities including everything from continuing education to certification. According to the 2018 Member Education and Career Development Report, 85 percent of members look to associations for professional development opportunities.

Are you optimizing your learning program to drive revenue for your organization? Here are three great approaches.

1. Take your in-person member learning events online.

You’ve already done the work to create on-site events. Now extend your reach by offering content from your in-person learning events through an online experience.

This approach offers several opportunities to drive non-dues revenue, including:

  • Bring in revenue that you otherwise would not capture from members who are unable to attend your in-person events due to schedule, budget, learning preferences, or other factors.
  • Stretch your investment in on-site content further by repurposing it online – through livestreaming your on-site event or offering it on-demand after the event.
  • Incorporate sponsors and exhibitors into the online experience – via online session sponsorships, sponsor logos, and a virtual exhibit hall – to generate additional revenue.

TIP: Learn more about extending your on-site learning through the online channel. Download Delivering the In-Person Learning Experience Online, a guide for member-based organizations.

2. Offer alternative learning products and packages.

The 2018 Member Education and Career Development Report shows that newer learning formats – such as short videos and webcasts, on-demand learning courses, and mobile learning opportunities are growing in popularity among members. Embrace new techniques and evaluate them to see if they may fit within your programing.

You may decide to offer your online content in various ways and price it differently for each option. For example:

  • Provide an “all-you-can-eat” option in which online learners pay a single price for access to an unlimited number of courses over a specified period of time.
  • Offer various on-demand options for learners who are unable to attend live events and courses. For example, offer a per-course price, a track price and a full-conference on-demand price.
  • Offer conference recordings as an add-on fee to live event registration for learners who want to re-visit content online in the future.

TIP: Work with a technology provider that offers a system and services that make it easier to break down content, offer a variety of learning modes and formats, and deliver content through an organized, customized on-demand course library.

3. Offer learning products through your association’s e-commerce store.

Create a shopping experience that allows members to purchase your educational products through your online store. This approach gives your education program greater exposure to drive more sales. It also allows you to promote your learning program as a valuable member benefit to drive member acquisition.

TIP: Integrating your learning management system (LMS) with your association management software (AMS) can support a great member experience. Learners can seamlessly navigate from your website to your e-commerce store to your e-learning catalog to your member page. Any updates to user data automatically sync across your AMS and LMS.

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