3 tips to improve the CE learner experience with a robust LMS testing engine

The most recent Community Brands Research found that certifications and credentialing opportunities are among the top three reasons for why members join associations.  To attract more learners to your continuing education (CE) program and retain learners year after year, you’ll want to invest in a modern learning management system (LMS) with a robust testing engine.

Read on for tips on why an all encompassing LMS with a robust testing engine would be a valuable asset to your learning program  

How a robust learning management system (LMS) testing engine drives a superior learner experience for your CE program 

Choosing an innovative LMS will help you improve the learner experience in your CE program. Are you ready to take your CE program to the next level?

Follow these three tips to get started:

  1. Adaptive CE learning experiences. When you leverage an LMS with a robust testing engine at your CE program, you can support adaptive learning experiences. Adaptive learning is a data-driven approach to personalizing your learners’ experiences. Based on your learner’s interests you can utilize an LMS to easily offer micro-credentials, optional learning courses, pre-requisite courses, and even more options. Offering more CE course opportunities allows your learners to customize their experience.

    TECH TIP: Leverage Crowd Wisdom to improve the learner experience by creating CE course landing pages that support your organization’s branding and voice and drive non-dues revenue.
  2. Customizable CE content offerings. According to Community Brands Research, 45% of association members rank targeted, valuable content as one of their top member benefits. Today, learners have an abundance of CE program options from which they can choose. To remain competitive in your CE space, it is vital to embrace a modern LMS so you can personalize CE content offerings. Increasing customization options will ensure you meet your learners’ needs. Personalization options like learning paths allow learners at all levels to take the same CE course and get unique specialization and feedback. Using a modern LMS empowers you to utilize learner data to customize feedback, resources, or learning paths.

    TECH TIP: With Crowd Wisdom Personalized Learning Paths, you can empower your learners to customize their educational journeys, offering content recommendations to keep your learners invested and engaged throughout their career journeys.
  3. Personalized CE assessments. Consider choosing an innovative LMS with customizable assessments to boost learner motivation in your CE program.

    Assessments like practice tests, quizzes, and proctored exams are fantastic ways for learners to receive educational feedback. Look for technology that offers peer comparisons with ranking options so learners can see how they compare to their peers—ultimately encouraging learning motivation.
    TECH TIP: Leverage Crowd Wisdom’s award-winning testing engine to revolutionize the learner experience. Crowd Wisdom’s web-based testing engine allows staff to create personalized assessments including practice tests, quizzes, and proctored exams to foster a superior CE learning experience.  


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