How Kiwanis International leveraged Crowd Wisdom LMS to Grow its CE Audience and Improve the Learner Experience – Customer Success Story

Kiwanis International is a global organization dedicated to making a positive impact in communities around the world, and they have a massive footprint. You might recognize Kiwanis signs in your community, or maybe you were even a Key Club member in high school.

Did you know Kiwanis International is a Crowd Wisdom LMS customer? Discover how Kiwanis leveraged Crowd Wisdom to improve the learner experience and grow their continuing education audience.

Why Kiwanis International chose Crowd Wisdom

Founded in 1915, Kiwanis International is a global community of clubs, including over 550,000 members and partners in 80 counties and geographic areas. Kiwanis hosts over 150,000 service projects a year and specifically works to serve children and communities around the world. Looking to improve education efforts within its global network, Kiwanis teamed up with Crowd Wisdom LMS.  

In addition to adult members, Kiwanis has youth members who can join at age five and stay in the program until college. Kiwanis didn’t have a customizable learning management system (LMS) for youth education, nor did it have a system that integrated with its membership system, so it turned to Crowd Wisdom.

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How Kiwanis International utilizes Crowd Wisdom to improve the learner experience 

Kiwanis uses Crowd Wisdom’s Learning Paths feature to improve the overall learner experience. Kiwanis created a unique learning experience for Key Club and Circle K International, including a learning dashboard with reflection questions to boost learner engagement. “We grouped 39 courses in different learning paths for our students, based on hard skills and soft skills,” said Melissa McMann, Training & Education Administrator for Kiwanis International. “We wanted to sequence our courses so that content would get harder as students completed courses. Crowd Wisdom made it simple.”

Each course takes about 20 minutes for a student to complete and Kiwanis offers learning incentives. Students who complete 10 or more courses receive a laptop sticker, and those who complete 20 or more earn a T-shirt. Students who complete all courses will be awarded a certificate and recognized by the organization. These perks drive learner engagement at Kiwanis.

TECH TIP: With Crowd Wisdom Personalized Learning Paths, staff can offer recommendations and relevant content to keep learners engaged and empower their growth.   

How Kiwanis International leverages Crowd Wisdom to grow its CE program 

Initially, Kiwanis did not have any student learners on their Crowd Wisdom platform. Today, Kiwanis has 1,200 enrolled student learners and 600 students have taken at least one class. Kiwanis is also expanding its global reach. Because all classes are offered on-demand, Kiwanis has seen an increase in registration for courses by international students. 

Kiwanis already has 39 courses added to its youth CE program, but they plan to continue scaling the program. Soon, Kiwanis will add leadership courses to assist youth as they prepare for college and future employment. “Our youth are already leaders, but we want them to be change-makers,” said McMann. “This program will help them prepare their candidacy for college, graduate school, and future employers.”  

Kiwanis has recently expanded Crowd Wisdom to include its adult members. This spring, Kiwanis is launching its Amplify program with Crowd Wisdom and will offer CE leadership courses to adult members. Offering more learning opportunities to Kiwanis’ adult members will help to grow its CE program even more. 


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