Strategies to Advance your LMS ROI with Content Development Services

Do you want to take your learning program from good to great? It might be time to leverage content development services within your learning management software (LMS) to enhance the learner experience 

When your organization chooses to work with professionals to create continuing education program courses, you can advance your content offerings and see an increased return on your investment. 

Discover how Crowd Wisdom LMS creates courses and why your learning program should consider using content development services. 


How Crowd Wisdom LMS creates learning courses to help your organization succeed 

When it comes to creating courses for your learning program, the Crowd Wisdom team focuses on collaboration to develop a shared content vision. Crowd Wisdom works closely with your organization and subject matter experts (SMEs) to build course content. If your learning program is looking for SMEs to create content, Crowd Wisdom can find the right fit to create a curriculum. 

To develop content, Crowd Wisdom employs a blend of the ADDIE, SAM, and Agile processes. The Crowd Wisdom team often creates courses by analyzing a subject, designing a storyboard, moving into development and implementation, and evaluating the content at each step. 

Crowd Wisdom also works directly with Instructional System Designers to streamline the course creation process. Our team works with voice-over artists, or sometimes employs AI to ensure your content has the right presentation voice. There is also always a single point of contact for all clients to simplify communication.

How you can save valuable staff time by using content development services 

The Crowd Wisdom team is ready to be involved in your content development as much or as little as needed on a project. When it’s time to develop a course, Crowd Wisdom uses SCORM authoring tools like Storyline, Captivate, Camtasia, and more. Upon project completion, our team provides all source files and ensures that all work is standards-compliant and interoperable.

If you use our content development services and are also a Crowd Wisdom client, our team can help you leverage the necessary tools to boost learner engagement. Learn how to make the most of Crowd Wisdom with the assessment engine, social tools, survey tools, and more.

What learning programs get with Crowd Wisdom content development services

There are many ways Crowd Wisdom can help your learning program develop content. Here are some options to consider: 

  • Content conversion. The Crowd Wisdom team can take your existing PowerPoint slides and convert them into a SCORM-published course. Choosing content conversion allows you to easily navigate your content, track and bookmark progress, and mark course completion.
  • Streamlined course build. Crowd Wisdom can help develop your next course. Our team works with SMEs to provide a storyboard draft and Instructional System Designers work to provide content clarity. Our team will develop your course content to include simple learner interactions (ex. Matching questions, drag-and-drop exercises, or click-to-reveal) and audio recorded by voice-over artists.
  • Extensive course build. The Crowd Wisdom team works with your organization and SMEs to develop course content, then builds a slide-based storyboard. Course design includes high interactivity features, audio, and video.

If your organization chooses to leverage Crowd Wisdom for content development, you can rest assured you’ll receive the following:  

  • Reusable content templates with prototypes to pilot concepts.  
  • Courses developed in iterations with access to raw and produced files.  
  • Mobile-optimized content that’s functional on all major browsers and platforms.  
  • If you use the Crowd Wisdom platform, you’ll get help to leverage major authoring tools with surveys and testing. 
  • Controlled costs and fixed prices.

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