Leverage the Strategy Behind TikTok to Attract Young Professionals to your Continuing Education Program


Continuing education (CE) is always evolving and your learners are too. To compete in the CE space and grow your membership, it’s vital to stay updated on advances in tech and understand how the next generation learns. 

TikTok is the most popular social media platform with young professionals and Generation Z. The platform is built on personalized video content and an algorithm that evolves with the viewer.

Keep reading for more tips on how to attract young professionals to your CE program.

Five ways CE providers can leverage the strategy behind TikTok  

  1. Replicate the algorithm. Consider imitating TikTok’s compelling algorithm and leverage a recommendation system within your learning management software (LMS) based on member data, activity, and preferences. Try using data from general intake forms to recommend courses from your members and routinely distribute surveys to ask members what content they’d like to learn next. Tracking the survey data will allow your course recommendations to become smarter over time and help you personalize the learner experience.  

TECH TIP: Crowd Wisdom offers a robust recommendation system your CE staff can leverage to personalize the learner experience. Recommendations are based on learner data like completed courses, subject areas of interests, and learner competencies.

  1. Manage member data. To personalize your learner experience, you’ll need to leverage your member data. Run reports on learner activities, registrations, and credit creation to gain valuable insights into your members and improve your CE program. Create custom reports and leverage the data to attract more young professionals to your learning program.

TECH TIP: Choose Crowd Wisdom for access to over 30 standard reports about learner activities, revenue, registrations, and credits, offering crucial insights into the learner experience. Create custom, organization-specific reports that help you quantify the value of your CE program and improve learning outcomes.

  1. Offer short-form learning options. TikTok capitalizes on short-form content—your CE program can too.  Considering leveraging micro-learning to reach more young professionals. Micro-learning takes a long piece of content and divides it into easily digestible chunks, which increases accessibility options within your CE program, attracting more learners. Some considerations for offering short-form learning options: 
  • Try stringing micro-learning pieces together from different courses to create a learning path for a certificate. 
  •  Divide a longer course into multiple short topic-segmented videos.
  • Start each course with clear objectives to foreshadow what the learner can expect throughout the video series. 
  • Ensure your course is mobile responsive to attract young professionals and give people the ability to learn when and where they want. Provide checkpoint locations and include plenty of opportunities where learners can bookmark material to come back to it later.

TECH TIP: Personalize your learners’ continuing education with Crowd Wisdom Learning Paths. Offer recommendations and relevant content to empower career growth and keep your learners engaged in your CE program.

  1. Encourage feedback. Your learners’ needs and preferences will change over time. Request learner feedback at least once a quarter to meet these changing needs. Ask for honest feedback through surveys or polls after courses. After collecting your learners’ responses, be sure to follow up and show how you’re honoring their requests. Following through on requests can build loyalty in a CE program and organization. 

TECH TIP: Crowd Wisdom offers various assessment and testing options including polls, surveys, and evaluations to ensure learners have an anonymous way to offer feedback about a course, webinar, or subject. Staff or speakers can assess learners at any time during the course, including before or after the CE course begins.

  1. Collaborate with speakers. Personalize your CE courses by giving your speakers social media kits to promote their courses or webinars. Create graphics, logos, videos, and previews of the course that both your team and speakers can share to ensure the message is cohesive. Market the upcoming course or webinar on social media or within your online community to help attract more young professionals and boost the overall excitement for the speaker. 


Discover more tips on how to attract young professionals to your CE program 

 You can learn quite a bit from TikTok on how to attract young professionals to your CE program. Offer personalized content recommendations, leverage your data to gain valuable member insights, provide micro-learning content, survey your learners, and collaborate with your speakers. Follow these tips to grow your continuing education program and successfully reach the next generation.  

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